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How To Keep Tattoo From Itching? – You Need Known

Itching is normal as your tattoo heals, but never scratch it. (If itching is accompanied by heat, inflammation, pus, spots or anything worrisome – consult your tattoo artist and doctor if necessary. Don’t let infection overwhelm your tattoo!)
Your tattoo needs to heal and needs to be left alone: ​​don’t scratch, don’t itch, don’t scratch at the scabs or scales, no matter how insanely itchy – after about a week, when the scabs and scales start to disappear, it can be distressing unbearable!
However, not only do you risk ruining the design by messing with the ink, but you also risk inflaming the tattoo, which can be a real problem.
Stopping itching is not easy, but it helps if you approach the problem from all three angles at the same time.

Why is my tattoo itchy?

Skin exfoliation

Itching for a tattoo is completely normal and part of the healing process. This happens because you are under stress and your skin can eventually become damaged from repeated piercings of areas of skin. With this, your body responds to the trauma by forming a scab to heal and protect the skin, making your tattooed area itchy.

Hair regrowth

Before tattooing, the artist shaves off the desired area of ​​the canvas and the surrounding area so they can see the area more clearly and can better ink you. You may experience mild itching and discomfort as hair grows in the area, which can be especially frustrating if it grows in the healing process.

Allergies and Skin Diseases

In some cases, itching may be a sign of a more serious condition that may require medical attention. Some people may be allergic to the pigments used in tattoos and experience an immediate allergic reaction. You’ll know you have an allergic reaction if your skin develops itching, redness, and bumps.

how to keep tattoo from itching

Another cause of itching may be a pre-existing skin condition, such as eczema or psoriasis. While not too dangerous, it’s still important to watch out for ulcers and consult a doctor if the itching and problems persist for several weeks.

How to Treat an Itchy Tattoo

Like any other type of itchy skin, itchy tattoos can be relieved using a number of different methods, all of which are far more harmless than scratching.
Just keep in mind that the itching may not go away completely, because after all, that’s what you paid for the tattoo. However, these methods should at least make your recovery period a little more bearable.

Apply moisturizing lotion

The main reason most people’s tattoos start to itch is because they dry out their skin too much, which means the loose skin becomes stiff and starts to itch the sensitive tattooed area.

how to keep tattoo from itching

Whenever your tattoo looks/feels dry, apply a light moisturizer and this will keep itching to a minimum. Don’t overdo it, as your tattoo needs to breathe to heal. Blot excess lotion with clean paper towels – do not rub.
The best tattoo lotion I’ve personally used is a vegan aftercare product called After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. This stuff works really well during the healing process; not only does it moisturize your tattoo really well, it also relieves annoying itching and irritation. When used from the beginning of the healing process, this lotion will help reduce tattoo healing time and eliminate ongoing dryness and scabbing.

Gently pat or pat the area instead of scratching it

This will ensure that no skin or scabs are pulled away from the surface of the skin and will hopefully help reduce itching.
Put a thick (clean) cloth over the tattoo and run your fingers over it gently. The thick cloth should prevent your nails from doing any damage, but the pressure should be enough to relieve some itching. You can apply ice or light pressure to the area until the itching goes away. Avoid anything that tears the skin or flakes off the scab prematurely.

how to keep tattoo from itching
Remember to wash your hands first to minimize the risk of infection.

Take a shower

A quick warm bath can be enough to change the short-term chemistry around the tattoo and keep it from itching for a while. When you get out of the shower, blot your tattoo with a clean tissue (your bath towel will be crawling with bacteria) until completely dry, then apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion.
Don’t spend too long in the shower because you don’t want to soak your tattooed skin with water. Submerging tattooed skin in water (including bathing) is also out of the question for the reasons above, and most waters are full of bacteria.

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