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How To Keep Hair Moisturized? – Tips For You

Your body naturally moisturizes your hair thanks to the sebaceous glands in your scalp that release sebum. The sebum then flows from the scalp, lubricating the rest of the hair strands.

Sometimes this natural moisturizing system may not be effective. Your oil glands may not be active due to genetics or age. Your hair type and hair length can also prevent sebum from reaching your hair in a timely manner. Over washing, over styling and conditioning can also lead to dry hair.

Once you know your hair type and moisture level, you can treat dry hair at home. Consider the following tips to help you get started.

Why do you do this? The Science of Hair Drying

Dry hair has two basic causes. One of them is that your scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oils to keep your hair moisturized. This can be hereditary or it can happen over time, as the body’s natural oil production slows down as we age, leading to dry skin and naturally dry hair.

how to keep hair moisturized
It could also be the condition or texture of your hair that is causing moisture loss, resulting in dry hair. A strand of hair consists of three main parts. At the center is the medulla or nucleus, the support structure. Surrounding the medulla is the bark, which forms the middle layer. The bark gives the hair shape, strength, elasticity and curl.
The cuticle surrounds and protects the bark. Think of the cuticle texture as overlapping tiles on a roof. When the “shingles” are tight, hair appears greasy and shiny, and moisture cannot escape. When the shingles become loose, hair can appear dull and flyaway, and natural oils and moisture can more easily escape from the inner structure, resulting in brittle and dry hair.
Dry Hair Causes and Solutions
Damaged cuticles that lead to dry hair can have several causes. Here are some ways and what you can do to restore moisture to dry hair:
Heat abuse can cause dry hair. Those blow dryers, straighteners, curlers and hot rollers that make your hair look so amazing? They are also a significant cause of dryness. High heat can strip your hair of its natural moisture, especially straighteners and curling irons that come in direct contact with dry hair.

How to Apply Moisturizer to Hair

When using a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask, work the product into the ends first and work your way down the middle of the tresses. There is no need to use moisturizer on your scalp unless your scalp is very dry.
You should also only apply moisturizer to wet hair—so your strands can absorb the product properly. While you can use some leave-in conditioners and daily conditioners every day, stick to a deep conditioner once a week.
For best results, leave mask or oil on hair for up to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water only. Do not wash your hair with hot water as this will cause more damage and dryness.

how to keep hair moisturized

How to Moisturize Mature Hair

1. Choose a shampoo designed for dry hair

Choosing a shampoo specially formulated for dry hair is a great way to moisturize your hair. We personally recommend our Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang Shampoo, which is enriched with natural organic coconut oil to help lock in moisture and leave hair silky smooth.

2. Skip the daily shampoo

This is an especially good technique if you’re wondering how to moisturize your natural hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you know that moisture is key to definition. So why not shampoo for a day or two and give your scalp a chance to replenish its natural oils? No need to worry about greasy hair after shampooing, just spritz our Murumuru Butter and Rose Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair.

3. Avoid extreme weather conditions

If you have dry hair, you should avoid extreme weather conditions, such as too much sun or wind, as they can make your hair more dry and brittle. If you’re wondering how to moisturize (and keep your hair hydrated), slather some UV protector on your hair, and throw on a cute hat or scarf if you’re going out in the hot sun.

4. Wet hair with a thick conditioner before a dip in the pool

Do you want to take a dip in the pool or ocean but find that chlorine or salt water often leaves your hair dry and brittle? Apply some of our Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner before swimming so you don’t have to worry about moisturizing your hair. Make sure to stay hydrated even after swimming.

how to keep hair moisturized

5. Avoid Chemicals When Taming Frizzy Hair

Chemicals can help straighten hair, but when you’re looking for a way to moisturize dry, natural hair, they’re your enemy. Prevent frizz and flyaways easily by using pomade on damp or dry hair. We recommend our Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil, specially formulated to nourish and repair hair, leaving it looking smooth and healthy.

6. Serves as a daily moisturizer to deeply nourish hair overnight

Here’s one of our easiest tips for hydrating dry hair—use a leave-in conditioner or hydrating pomade, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or shower cap, and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up in the morning with hydrated and healthy hair.

7. Cut your hair regularly, but don’t brush it too often

Brushing your hair too often can increase frizz and even damage your hair. Help counteract this by brushing less often and trimming your hair regularly. Trimming your hair can make it stronger and healthier because you get rid of potentially split ends.

8. Remove unwanted hair color

When coloring your hair, be sure to use a formula designed to soften mature and dry hair, such as: B. Ammonia-free hair dye. Check out our article on caring for colored hair for more tips!

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