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How To Apply Nails With Gel Glue? – Tips For You

Stylish and sturdy gel nails take a lot of work to apply. With the right tools and techniques, you can create professional-looking gel manicures. For added length and drama, apply a pair of nail tips before applying the gel. You’ll need to use a buffer to buff the shiny surface of your natural nails and nail tips, but once you’re done, you can apply all of the gel layer from the cuticle to the free edge of the false nail tip. Cure the gel under UV or LED nail lamp, and don’t forget to file the edges before finishing your manicure.

Tips for Comprehensive Coverage of Mistake #1

Using the wrong hint.

The biggest mistake here is buying tips that are too shaped.

Most people’s natural nails do not have beautifully elongated nail beds or C-shaped curves. Most of us have naturally flat nails or a very natural C-curve. Buying tips from your favorite brand with full coverage will give your tips a natural curve unless you want a sculpted look.

I do not recommend buying shaped nail tips as the default choice for all matching nail tips. If you’re not sure, start with some tricks that can “shape” or even entangle the C-curve. Start there, then see if you or your client want a more dimensional look.

how to apply nails with gel glue

Japanese gel nail brand Kokoist and Korean brand Form the Nail offer tips for full coverage.

When you’ve decided to get the sculpted look and feel you want, tilt your finger down and go slowly as you apply the full-coverage tip. Immediately ready to freeze, i.e. H. Cures the gel in place.

I’ve made a video comparing a few brands, so check it out in my library or on the map via the link above.

Tips for Comprehensive Coverage of Mistake #2

Incorrect nozzle size.

So, no matter the brand and style of the tip, it’s crucial to fit this full-coverage tip. If you choose a small size for your natural nails, chances are you’re applying too much pressure to adhere, and fully covered tips may pop out.

You can also go to the other side of the spectrum, right? Choose a tip that’s slightly larger than the natural nail it’s also glued to. In this case, if you don’t adjust the tip to fit the crease of the nail on the side, you or your client will have to lift because the gel or plastic tip will touch the skin.

how to apply nails with gel glue


All parts of the full cap tip should be flush with the natural nail

Tips for Comprehensive Coverage of Mistake #3

Too little gel.

Well, I’m just implying to glue the tip to the natural nail with too much pressure and full coverage. This usually happens when you’re trying to get the tip to fit and you’ve got very little adhesive, so press down to let it flow over your natural nail. I’ve been there, done that…so I understand the struggle. Now, a gel with the right viscosity is critical for adhesion. If you grab something that’s too thin, it will run to the sides and cause lift after it solidifies. I’ve found that whatever adhesive the manufacturer recommends is usually the correct viscosity as well, so you don’t have to figure this out yourself; use the gel the manufacturer recommends to avoid headaches.

No headache zone here..hehe.

Likewise, grabbing too much gel can be a mistake.

how to apply nails with gel glue

So here’s my rule of thumb… before applying it to your natural nails, outline your full-coverage tips by applying as much gel as the length of the nail bed you’re going to apply. Then brush away the excess, creating a spot on the cuticle end of the tip. This is usually the right amount of gel needed for proper adhesion.

Tips for Comprehensive Coverage of Mistake #4

Too much pressure.

Now is the time to really talk about stress, if you follow these tips for full coverage.

The greatest pressure should be when the tip is held at the end of the cuticle. Seriously, just breathe, relax…just press down on the base, grab the portable curing device, and let it cure for 5 seconds. Then gently press on the free edge to allow the uncured gel to flow to the end of the natural nail. Continue curing and let go when everything is set where you want it and solidified.

If you look at the underside of the nail, you should see no gaps or bumps of gel, and there should only be about 1 cm of gel there.

My favorite full coverage cue option is Kokoist’s Gelip.

Tips for Comprehensive Coverage of Mistake #5

You are not ready to use a light source.

Totally guilty. This in itself is like a life lesson. Make sure you’re always ready and stay ready…for what? For the number of lemons life gives you, girl, make lemonade. Okay, but seriously… back to the full storytelling technique.


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